As a club we are very proud to offer our members and the general public a vast array of merchandise, from books to dvds, mugs to clothing with the choice of two Sentinel style logos. As a member we can also offer you the much sought after Sentinel Drivers Club Badge which are struck from original dyes as made for the original Sentinel Waggon Works.

If you wish to pay the club some money for anything whether merchandise, club membership or drawings you can now pay by paypal.
You must have your own paypal account.
When logged in to your account click the send money option.
send to

You must then choose the personal payment option then personal payment owed. This is to avoid any fees.
If you are paying for a membership please place the paypal transaction ID on the form. Once the funds have been transferred to our account you will then recieve your item.

If when sending the money you select purchase instead of personnel payment you will have to pay the fees before the club will send your item.

The club has a variety of merchandise on offer from mugs to clothing. You will find us at most Sentinel Drivers Club events with new & exciting products on sale each year. Every purchase enables sustainable support for the Club.
For further details on current product listing please contact;
Peter Mellor


The club we aims to attend one specific Steam Rally or Event per year with the attendance of the Club Committee and most importantly the Sentinels themselves. At these events we have the Sentinel Drivers Club Tent at which all the items we stock can be purchased, as well as being a social forum to discuss your Sentinel experiences, view the displays, photographs and drawings of Sentinels. The Club Tent is voluntarily manned by our members and is a great spot to get a superb Sentinel momento and have a good old fashioned natter!

Our enthusiastic Club Sales Officer: Pete Mellor is always updating our vast sales collection, so please keep an eye out for our newest products, limited additions and great gifts!

All profits are reinvested into the club for its future prosperity.

Happy Shopping!!